The list of players against SB 1070 is growing.  In addition to Albert Pujols and Miguel Batista, Marlins Manager Edwin Rodriguez came out against the law yesterday.  And three players have so far pledged to boycott the game altogether: José Valverde, Yovani Gallardo, and Joakim Soria.

Check out some of the coverage from this week:

All-Star Boycott Coming? Baseball Players Lash Out at Arizona Immigration Law
CBS News, July 13, 2010
With the All-Star Game set for tonight in Anaheim, opponents of Arizona’s controversial immigration law are spotlighting comments from Major League Baseball players opposing the law – including some who says they would boycott next year’s All Star game in Phoenix over the legislation. “I’m opposed to it. How are you going to tell me that, me being Hispanic, if you stop me and I don’t have my ID, you’re going to arrest me? That can’t be,” St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols told USA Today.
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Albert Pujols vs. Tony La Russa on Arizona’s Immigration Law
The Atlantic, July 13, 2010
The best player in baseball and his manager don’t usually disagree, at least in public, but Arizona’s immigration law has changed all that: in a shocking and major political news development, Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa have taken opposite sides on SB 1070.
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Gallardo would skip All-Stars in Arizona over law
Associated Press, July 12, 2010
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Yovani Gallardo is firm. Even if he’s fortunate enough to make the All-Star team again next summer, he’ll skip it. “If the game is in Arizona, I will totally boycott,” the Milwaukee Brewers pitcher said Monday.
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Immigration law looms over 2011 game
ESPN, July 12, 2010
ANAHEIM, Calif. — As Major League Baseball fetes the game this week by showcasing its best players, it faces a looming question just a state and a year away: Should it move the 2011 All-Star Game from Arizona, where a new immigration law has become a flashpoint in the nation’s long-standing immigration debate?
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Activists outside MLB offices urge Bud Selig to take stand, move 2011 All-Star Game from Arizona
NY Daily News, July 9, 2010
Bud Selig should make Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente proud by yanking the 2011 All-Star Game out of Arizona, immigrant rights activists said at a demonstration outside Major League Baseball’s Park Ave offices Thursday.
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