Dear Commissioner Selig:

Arizona’s extreme immigration law is an invitation to racial profiling and harassment of Arizona residents and anybody who visits the state, including MLB players, their families and fans.

Baseball is America’s National Pastime. It’s estimated the All-Star Game could bring as much as $60 million to the host region. Arizona doesn’t deserve to profit from discrimination and to host one of the great annual sporting events with your consent. Do what’s best for baseball and move the 2011 All-Star Game unless Arizona changes its harmful and hateful immigration law.

Tell MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to Move the Game

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Organize an Event at Your Local Ballpark

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  • Step One: Pick a game. Night games are usually better because people can come after work. To find out when the Arizona Diamondbacks will be in your town, click here.
  • Step Two: Download signs. You can use the ones we’ve made or create your own — just be sure to make noise and let people know you’re there!

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You can also find pamphlets and talking points here

  • Step Three: Tell your friends. We’ve created a sample email to make it easy. You can also set up a Facebook event here.
  • Step Four: Let us know! Email — we may be able to help spread the word.


  • Make lots of noise and show off your signs.
  • Encourage people to sign the petition by text message. Text the word ALLSTAR to 3-0-6-4-4.
  • Talk to other fans and share info. Here are some talking points you can use.

* BONUS: If you get media attention, email clips to so we can feature your event on our website!